On 11/1/07, Peter Sabaini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I always wondered -- I never had any trouble with the system Pythons, or at
> least not a problem that I could attribute to a system Python (Debian Stable
> and Ubuntu LTS)

Well, try and easy_install i18ndude, and see all your Zope2 instances
explode. :-)
Even if the system python is nice, as on Ubuntu, you may end up in the
situation where you need different versions of modules for the Zope
pythons and the system pythons. And although it's fixable after the
fact, remeber, you wont see the problem until you restart the zope,
and then you forgot what you did, and don't understand suddenly why
nothing works. And in worse case, you might after a server restart
notice that all of your Zope instances suddenly do not work. And it
takes a couple of hours to figure out why and fix it. Downtime you
don't want.

> Its just so damn convenient if you have to maintain a few dozen VServers to
> manage the Pythons including add-on libraries exclusively via "apt-get"

Yeah, I haven't found a good solution for that yet. I those libraries
should be available as eggs, that solves it. But not all are...

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