Lennart Regebro wrote:
On Nov 9, 2007 4:06 PM, Roger Ineichen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Create our own locked down index?
I think so because,

Surely there must be a way to say "I want to use THAT KGS over there.
Except for this module, that should hav this version. And of course,
all these bunch of eggs which isn't dfined in that KGS at all".

Because that's what we all need. So it must be possible, right? The
KGS is just that, a Known Good Set. It must be possible to in your
build out override a version here and add packages there?

Those are exactly the problems with the locked down index:

* You can always use *more* packages but you'll have to lock them down yourself, can't use another KGS for those

* You cannot say "I know the KGS prefers zope.frobnaz 1.2.3, but I deliberately want to upgrade to zope.frobnaz 2.0.2". It won't work because the index simply doesn't expose the 2.0.2 version of zope.frobnaz.

So the "locked down index" doesn't support two important use cases. And building your own index isn't really a solution, IMO. The average cavemen programmer won't do that...
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