Martijn Faassen wrote:
One bit that might be problematic is 'proxy leaking'. I imagine if you use this you're going to leak proxied objects into the rest of your system whenever you make a call into your system.

Actually, I'm hoping I can have anything content-object like "always proxied".

One of my original two requirements (which I linked to before) is the ability for "the system" to just work with objects and have them complain if you're not allowed to access them, rather than having to remember that just because you're in "trusted code" the user that the trusted code is executing on behalf of will "see everything"...

Traditional Zope 2 doesn't work that way: as soon as you make a call from your Python script, the underlying code that is being called is trusted. No proxies anywhere (well, except the ubiquitous acquisition proxies..).

Indeed, sometimes this is handy, sometimes it causes problems...



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