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On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 11:54 PM, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 All of these are in various states of brokenness. z3c.zalchemy doesn't work
with SQLAlchemy trunk. collective.lead works with it, but only if you check
out a particular branch, and not with sqlite. Quite possibly z3c.sqlalchemy
has a release that actually works. One out of three is not bad... :)
We are going into production with collective.lead and are committed to
releasing the 1.0 branch as 1.0. sqlite works just great for us, we
use it to run unit tests and for developers that just need to adjust
the styling and such. The production environment will run against

The elro-tpc branch (which, I was told, is the future) doesn't appear to work with sqlite out of the box.

I think this is a temporary bug, as Laurence pointed out, caused by SQLite not supporting two-phase commit. It should be fixed before release, by adding a one-phase fallback.

I'm curious how to do functional tests with collective.lead - I'd like to have some real easy way to get the database set up and tore down down in my tests. Are you doing this?

I'm doing a lot of it in Java. :) The typical pattern is to use a test setup that does database clean-down to return it to a steady state. Test data is kept in a declarative file (e.g. with an XML syntax that maps to DB structure) and used to initialise the database before each run.

Doing nested transactions and rollback would be nicer, but probably doesn't work in all cases since app code may well do explicit commits.

It's never particularly pleasant.


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