Martin Aspeli wrote:
Laurence Rowe wrote:

Should one phase commit be set as the default to make it easier to work with sqlite (and mssql)? Probably yes.

Ideally we'd guess based on the URL scheme but allow it to be set explicitly, IMHO. Single phase would be the fallback, I guess.

I don't like the idea of guessing too much, but it could be done in the __init__. There might be good reasons to choose one phase commit even for a two phase commit supporting database (i.e. when you only are talking to a single database, it is more efficient).

Given that a single database is the common case I am tempted to say just make 1PC the default.

Should the default be for sessions to start out `active` or `dirty`? If they start out `dirty` then existing 1.0 code should work as before.

What are the implications of having them start out dirty?

Unnecessary commits to the database for read only transactions (i.e. the current situation)


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