Malthe Borch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Z2, certain imports need to come from Products.Five, to play nicely
> with ZPublisher and friends.
> I'd like to ask for the motivation for not patching it onto the
> existing classes and/or modules. The effect of having Z2-developers
> import from Products.Five is that they must opt out on packages that
> make use of templates, browser views, formlib, ... --- and it adds
> needless complexity.

IMO, any implicitness here will eventually slap you in your face, cause
bugs, and be hard to figure out.  I already dislike the way that e.g.
FiveFormLibMixin implicitly changes my request to be more conform with
formlib .  This has caused confusion and pain for me in the past.

Therefore, I'd argue that we should, in contrary to what you suggest,
make the Zope 2 compatibility layer more explicit in the form of utility
functions, instead of more implicit.  Because it makes things more
transparent and easier to debug.

One concrete argument against patching the Zope 3 view page template in
Five to be Zope 2 conform is that this would stand in the way of
legitimate use of pure Zope 3 views in Zope 2 applications, which is
something that's quite feasible today.  We don't to lock ourselves into
a situation where Z3 templates in Z2 assume that the view is acquisition


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