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Technically, I think that this is going to be hard. You'd need to patch in the magic acquisition base class. Acquisition is the main reason that some of the code needed to be duplicated - without the existence of acquisition wrappers, security checks are not made for view access and things just won't work.
I think if we could finish the philikon-aq_parent branch (or whatever it's called) that makes it possible to do acquisition using __parent__ pointers, we'd be a lot closer.

AFAIU, that branch doesn't provide *acquisition* via the __parent__

No, it does. It makes __parent__ pointers completely equivalent to explicit acquisition wrappers.

rather it allows the containment-based security check, which
currently uses the 'inner' acquisition wrapper, to use the chain of
'__parent__' pointers as an alternative when no acquisition wrapper is

The security machinery (AccessControl) does an aq_aquire(obj, '__roles__') check. With __parent__ pointers, this will resolve properly.

The branch is indeed "ready" from Zope's own point of view. Last thing I remember is that one (!) Plone tests fails in an obscure way. Then again, one failing test sometimes is enough :)
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