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Microsites, microsites, microsites!

If there are lots of people wanting to set up a bunch of microsites, I agree it would be better to have them. However, the site is needed for a long time and it's been six month since the new project started and we have just a design and a few paragraphs of contents.

So let's just build a first nice zope.org with subfolders explaining the different projects because it's important to have just *something*. At least.

If we take the ZODB as an example, I have started writing a small introductory text in the /projects/zodb page (and an image). The goal of this page is not to be the main place for zodb activity but just to introduce the zodb as a part of the zope project and how it can be used with zope. This does not prevent from having a zodb.zope.org site and linking to it... if someone ever begins to build one.


  - "Foundation" links to the Foundation site for now. If the Foundation
website maintainers want to move into this site in the future, they are of
course more than welcome to.

See above.

 Grok has its own home page, though I think we should keep referring to
 it where it makes sense.

Which is always.

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