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Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi there,
> based on an earlier Zope 2.12 thread
> http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2008-October/033572.html
> I propose that we get out an alpha version of Zope 2.12 by end
> of February.
> http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-dev/2008-October/033572.html
> Major changes:
> - dropping Python 2.4 support officially (Python 2.4 is no longer
>   officially supported by the Python developers so we can not
>   safely support it)
> - focus on Python 2.6 support for the final release (although there are
>   still some tests failing - more than with Python 2.5). Possibly
>   focus on Python 2.5 support for the alpha phase. Not sure if
>   we want to support Python 2.5 and 2.6 officially at the same time.
>   With the current classification of Python versions within the
> configure script I would suggest:
>   TARGET=Python 2.6.X
>   ACCEPTABLE=Python 2.5
>   Python 2.4.X would be basically not acceptable but could be used
>   at your own risk using the --with-python option.
> - complete eggification (apparently pretty much done)
> - reducing Zope 3 dependencies (apparently pretty much done)

Kudos to Hanno and others for the work, here.

> - removing  ZClasses completely

- -0.  I don't want to invest effort in maintaining them, but if they are
still working for people in 2.11, I don't think we need to rip them out.

> - ship with ZODB 3.9 (currently in alpha stage)

I would add:

- - Rip out remaining support for raising / hooking string exceptions,
  mostly becuase it makes things messier, and will need to go for
  2.6 compatibility anyway.

- - Fix any other deprecation warnings emitted by either the testrunner
  or by startup (there is one in zope.configuration right now which
  shows in in an ftest layer).

> Rough edges/open points I encountered so far:
> - RestrictedPython security audit: such an audit has been made
>   by Stefan and Sidnei. I am not qualified to speak about the
>   correctness of the audit. I assume they know what they were
>   doing. Unless objections one might consider this issue as
>   resolved - if not, please speak up.

I believe we can reasonably trust the effort Stephan and Sidnei made, here.

> - creation of some skripts e.g. "mkzeoinstance" when easy_install-ing
>   the Zope 2 source distro does not seem to work or it is still
>   missing
> - how do to a "traditional" SVN checkout of the Zope 2 and the related
>   Zope 3 modules? The Zope2.buildout maintains its dependencies through
>   a KGS - the old-style SVN checkout uses svn:external. I think there
>   is a need for having both and don't know of a save way for keeping
>   the svn:externals and the KGS in sync (without additional manual
>   effort).

I'm actually willing to abandon the "big tree" altogether, unless
somebody comes up with a clever way to automate it from some Z2-specific
KGS index.  I think the canonical "source install" would be something
like a tarball of a buildout tree, with the 'download-cache' directory
already populated (maybe).

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