> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] the Zope Framework project


> > Grok and Repoze are in part *workarounds* for the 
> deficiencies in this 
> > community. For Grok I'm very sure it's a workaround, as I had quite 
> > something to do with it and this was explicit in my mind. It's not
> > *only* a workaround, but it's definitely a community hack, too.
> I don't agree one bit it's workaround for deficiencies in the 
> community. It's workarounds for deficiencies Zope3. And the 
> community has fixed them.

You can also call this anticipation the oposit of participation

But I know it's much more productive to impelement a new framework
then to convince other developer to change something in existing
zope. And sometimes it has to happen.  We also did this in several
z3c packages.

The good thing right now is that we have different experiences and
can merge the good concepts back to the zope core or offer 
different implementations solving similar problems in different

The big questions now is, do we like to merge this good things
back to the zope core or do we like to stay with different
packages because we can't find an agreement what we like
to do.

Roger Ineichen

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