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> What I don't see in your proposal is, how these subset-groups would be
> coordinated, which leads to the following:
> - How would these groups be formed? If there's nobody who encourages people to
> do so,

They will be formed by people grouping together to work on a piece of
software, if such a group is necessary.

> - Higher level package/groups may have a hard life in case basic
> packages/groups are not coordinated and all "go their own way".

Then these "higher level groups" will help coordinate the lower level packages.

> - How does some foreigner know, if a package is actively supported,
> umaintaned, deprecated etc.? How does he know, what packages exist, what they
> are good for and the like? For instance, I yesterday wrote that I use
> lovely.remotetask, then I was asked on the list why I did not use the (maybe
> better) zc.async package. Know why? I did not know that it existed.
> - I think, Zope 3 is not only about some seperate packages, but about a
> complete "programming experience". Thus there needs to be some integrating
> force, that draws together all these packages, writes some documentation /
> tutorial / website etc.
> - Newbies won't be attracted by single packages. Instead, they want something
> complete. Who would be interested in Plone if it would consist of various
> packages that people would have to draw together by themselves, without
> decent documentation?
> To my mind, one key point is attracting more users. And that can only be done
> if we try to view things from an external, newbie-perspective. Some Ruby on
> Rails / Java / Turbogears programmer will only be attracted by some "big
> picture" but probably not by a collection of some subpackages.
> So, my impression is that there is a need for some steering group, that will,
> however, encourage people to form groups around packages and maintain them.

The steering group would not and could not help with any of these problems.

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