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Stephan Richter wrote:
>> In my opinion going for an extra here just to avoid this is speculating
>> a bit too much right now. Do we really have users that want to use
>> zope.password and really don't want zope.component and zope.schema? If
>> so, we'll hear from them when they speak up and *then* declare an extra
>> or take some other action.
> +1. I want more of our decisions to go into this direction. It is a sign that 
> we turn the # of packages knob as well.

I agree with you in the case against extras.

It appears though that Dan has a concrete use case for using 
zope.password in a Pylons app where he isn't interested in 
zope.component, so I'm +1 on the extra in this case. We'll see whether 
this leads to difficulties. Luckily the zope.component and zope.schema 
libraries are typically around anyway so it doesn't make reasoning about 
the graph that much harder.

I'm just glad we actually had a quick discussion about this stuff, with 
some form of conclusion.

On creating new packages, I think we're in a phase where we cannot avoid 
creating new packages for a bit. Before long I hope that this generation 
of more packages can allow us to seriously weed in the packages in the 
framework. Zope 3 + ZMI will need a lot more packages for a while, but 
anything that doesn't need the ZMI (Grok, Zope 2) will hopefully use a 
lot less. In addition I hope more of our packages will be reusable 
independently as a result.

I hope that some group will start to take care of Zope 3 and perhaps 
consolidate a lot of ZMI code into one or more zmi.* packages eventually 

Besides the reusability argument and weeding argument for more packages, 
I'll also note that if the amount of packages in the framework goes up 
but the total amount of *code* in the framework goes down significantly 
and each package is easier to understand, I'm happy to see the amount of 
packages go up.

We'll see. We'll make some mistakes, undoubtedly, but at least we're 
moving again. That is pretty important to me.



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