Jim Fulton wrote:
>> What Martijn has announced and is already being worked on extensively.
>> - Zope A 4.0
>> What was to be Zope 2.12
>> - Zope B 4.0
>> Whatever the next pending release of the Zope 3 appserver stuff was to
>> be. (Need to keep the Canonical and ZC guys happy afterall ;-) )
>> www.zope.org could then just be a radically cut down link portal to
>> a.zope.org, b.zope.org and framework.zope.org, which I'd imagine to be
>> brochurewear, download and/or KGS sites for each of the above.
>> I'd suggesting splitting the svn access stuff out to dev.zope.org
>> because it transcends all three.
>> docs.zope.org could hoover up the rest, with any remaining stuff being
>> humanely dispatched.
>> Seriously, how do people feel about this?
> I don't think we need A&B.  Maybe just "Zope" and "Zope Framework".

Unfortunately, as we discovered at the BOF, and what is currently a 
significant cause of confusion, is that the "Zope" bit isn't just one 
thing, we basically have two app-server projects named Zope right now:

- Zope 2

Used by Plone, and a few die-hard stragglers and unfortunate passerby's 
who get sucked in by the rubbish on www.zope.org

- Zope 3

Use by Canonical for Launchpad and (well, was suspected anyway) by ZC. 
I'm sure there are more.

The only sane solution I can think of is to give them both different 
names (I'm not wedded to A and B, maybe Classic and Advanced?) and let 
them evolve at their own pace from now on. I suspect their evolution 
will be glacial compared to things like Repoze.bfg and Grok, which 
should become the "new user" stories in the Zope world.

I'd *really* like to see the majority of the current www.zope.org simply 
eradicated from existence. It's out of date and a source of nothing but 



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