On Apr 2, 2009, at 4:17 PM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> What Martijn has announced and is already being worked on  
>>> extensively.
>>> - Zope A 4.0
>>> What was to be Zope 2.12
>>> - Zope B 4.0
>>> Whatever the next pending release of the Zope 3 appserver stuff  
>>> was to
>>> be. (Need to keep the Canonical and ZC guys happy afterall ;-) )
>>> www.zope.org could then just be a radically cut down link portal to
>>> a.zope.org, b.zope.org and framework.zope.org, which I'd imagine  
>>> to be
>>> brochurewear, download and/or KGS sites for each of the above.
>>> I'd suggesting splitting the svn access stuff out to dev.zope.org
>>> because it transcends all three.
>>> docs.zope.org could hoover up the rest, with any remaining stuff  
>>> being
>>> humanely dispatched.
>>> Seriously, how do people feel about this?
>> I don't think we need A&B.  Maybe just "Zope" and "Zope Framework".
> Unfortunately, as we discovered at the BOF, and what is currently a  
> significant cause of confusion, is that the "Zope" bit isn't just  
> one thing, we basically have two app-server projects named Zope  
> right now:
> - Zope 2
> Used by Plone, and a few die-hard stragglers and unfortunate  
> passerby's who get sucked in by the rubbish on www.zope.org
> - Zope 3
> Use by Canonical for Launchpad and (well, was suspected anyway) by  
> ZC. I'm sure there are more.

We and canonical use the Zope Framework.  We don't use an  
application.  Zope (aka Zope 2) is an extensible application. We (ZC  
and Canonical and others) assemble components from the Zope Framework  
to build our own applications.


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