Gary Poster wrote:
> Within the constraints above, then, in line with your original proposal, 
> I think we'd be fine with "Zope Framework," and "Zope 2."  We certainly 
> don't need Zope-3-the-tarball, if that's what you meant.

Zope Framework (and maybe even ZF4) seems to have general agreement.

"Zope 2" can't stay as is, because people stick in in the chain of:
Zope 1, Zope 2, Zope 3, Zope Framework 4 there will be confusion.

"Zope Standard 4.0" is my current choice, on the basis that I've not 
heard any complaints against it yet and I know Andreas hates Zope 
Classic ;-)

> As a related aside, I personally think that Plone should be featured here.


ZF4 as the base for ZS, Plone, Grok and Repoze works for me :-)


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