Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] who wants to maintain Zope 3?
>> Roger Ineichen wrote:
>>>> Betreff: [Zope-dev] who wants to maintain Zope 3?
>>>> Is anyone interested in maintaining Zope 3?
>> /me is certainly not
> I don't understand why you are not interested in Zope 3.
> Are you really not using Zope 3 packages like:
> zope.interface
> zope.component
> zope.schema
> etc.
> I'm really confused

Please follow up on reading the Zope Toolkit (formerly known as Zope
Framework) discussions. Maybe someone has a good summary of those.

We clarified the vocabulary over the last weeks, so that the reusable
libraries of Zope 3 like zope.interface are now known as the Zope
Toolkit. The term Zope 3 refers to the* web application
including the ZMI, which happens to be a consumer of the Zope Toolkit in
the same way Grok or Zope2 are.

The whole point of Martijns mail is to find out if someone is interested
in the ZMI, full-featured web application part what is now known as Zope
3. We already know that many people are interested in the Zope Toolkit
including myself.


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