On 4/11/09 9:40 AM, Chris Withers wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> To stir things up: I would like to suggest renumbering the next Zope 2
>> release to Zope 4. That reflects the large refactoring that is being
>> done to clean up the codebase and fully eggify Zope. There are enough
>> changes to warrant a new major version bump.
> I could certainly live with:
> "Zope 4 is built using Zope Toolkit 1.0, as is Grok, repoze.cfg, and
> something else"

repoze.bfg is actually *not* build with the Zope Toolkit at least as "Zope 
Toolkit" is defined by the Steering Group.  It uses only zope.component, 
zope.interface, and zope.configuration, plus the dependencies thereof plus 
zope.testing.  This works out to maybe 12 zope-related packages, while the Zope 
Toolkit is, AFAICT, defined as "the set of packages that Zope 3 used to be, 
versioned as a unit through time".

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