Andreas Jung wrote:
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> On 08.04.2009 18:09 Uhr, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> To stir things up: I would like to suggest renumbering the next Zope 2
>> release to Zope 4. That reflects the large refactoring that is being
>> done to clean up the codebase and fully eggify Zope. There are enough
>> changes to warrant a new major version bump.
> This proposal makes no sense to me. People thought Zope 3 would be the
> successor of Zope 2. Now we have to tell that Zope 4 isn't the successor
> of Zope 3 but basically the old Zope 2 stuff...juggling with numbers at
> this point will be highly confusing.

I agree that would be too confusion, for the reasons Andreas gives. I 
think we should keep "Zope 4" in the realm of april fools joke territory 
for the time being.



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