Jim Fulton wrote:

> What the heck is the "Zope Toolkit"?  Is there a page somewhere that  
> defines what it is? 


> I thought Zope 3 was being renamed "Zope  
> Toolkit", but given recent discussions, I'm not sure.

That never was the idea. The idea was to separate the concept of the 
toolkit from the concept of "Zope 3". Zope 3 (if people want to maintain 
it) is a user of the Zope Toolkit just like the other users. The Zope 
Toolkit inherits its libraries from Zope 3 but is trying to take on a 
lot less code.

The goal is to take on *less* of a burden to maintain than the full Zope 
3, and to move a bit faster than we have been.

The Zope Toolkit is a project that:

* aims at maintaining and releasing the various Zope libraries

* aims at supporting the projects that some of use these libraries 
individually (repoze, bfg, twisted)

* aims at supporting the projects that use most of these libraries as a 
set (Grok, Zope 2, Zope 3).

* doesn't include the ZMI bits

* won't have a way to install it (but Grok and Zope 2 and Zope 3 might 
come to share a large part of the installation method)

* will try to shrink the codebase as much as it will try to grow it. To 
this effect the refactoring efforts, with the aim to throw out libraries 
(from the toolkit, not from the universe of packages) quite 
aggressively. Hopefully much of zope.app.* can go, as the useful non-ZMI 
bits get salvaged.

The Zope Toolkit is *not* like Zope 3 in an important sense: there's no 
attempt to provide information about how to install it and start 
developing with it. We'll have this information for the individual 
libraries in the tookit, and for Zope 2 and Grok and so on, but not for 
the Zope Toolkit itself.



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