Tres Seaver wrote:
> Folks who are just consuming the product can go on using the existing
> branded things (Grok, Zope2, Zope3-as-released-today).  They may not be
> able to *upgrade* their Zope3 apps without some effort, depending on how
> this discussion goes.  One outcome of this discussion is almost
> certainly going to be that we tell current and prospective users that we
> aren't using the name "Zope3" any longer as a brand (with its
> implications of replacing Zope2).

This remains to be seen.

My main goal with this discussion was to figure out who wants to 
*maintain* the concept of a Zope 3 as a "whole" you can talk about and 
install and that may or may not have some ZMI.

We found out there is a concept of  "high-maintenance" (maintaining the 
code and the community) and "low-maintenance" (maintaining the code so 
it still works). People are quite interested in low-maintenance but not 
very interested in the high-maintenance proposition.

The main tasks of such maintainers will be to make sure things can be 
installed, continue to work with newer versions of libraries in the Zope 
Toolkit, and perhaps to preserve the ZMI in some form. Most of the tasks 
will be out of their hands and will be done in the context of the Zope 

So, we appear to have some stakeholders and maintainers. Good. They need 
to talk to each other and get organized.

Separate from this discussion is whether this thing should be *called* 
Zope 3 or be renamed to someone else. Unless someone plausible stands up 
and says "I'm the Zope 3 maintainer and we're going to call it X" I'd 
like to let the dust settle for a bit and continue with that discussion 
later. Give those who are interested in maintaining Zope 3 some time to 
organize and adjust first.



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