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Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> By now I count three people using Zope 3 for a small number of projects.
>> But none of them seems to have the resources to continue the maintenance
>> or future development of Zope 3.
> Whilst you're absolutely right, just a word of warning: a lot of people 
> do not read mailing lists regularly or feel compelled to participate in 
> them. This is the zope-dev list, which means that it's read primarily by 
> Zope developers. If you're trying to gauge *users* of Zope 3, then the 
> zope-user list may be a more appropriate place to ask, and even then, 
> don't assume you'll get a representative sample of actual users.

We aren't asking non-developer users for opinions:  this is about how we
allocate scarce resources (our time), and how to organized the branding
such that *we* have a clear story to present.  As is typical of open
source projects, the only folks who get to vote are the ones who
contribute effort.

Folks who are just consuming the product can go on using the existing
branded things (Grok, Zope2, Zope3-as-released-today).  They may not be
able to *upgrade* their Zope3 apps without some effort, depending on how
this discussion goes.  One outcome of this discussion is almost
certainly going to be that we tell current and prospective users that we
aren't using the name "Zope3" any longer as a brand (with its
implications of replacing Zope2).

In some ways, this discussion is like the Plone developers" "platform
vs. application" debate (which isn't yet resolved AFAIK).

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