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>> I put a mark in my calendar for October to reconsider the future of the 
>> name "Zope 3" then.
> Given the responses to this thread I'm starting to lean towards pushing 
> the message to the outside that Zope 3 has become Zope Toolkit, has a 
> different focus, basically just as Gary stated, and really push this 
> message internally (on zope-dev) as well.
> I'll think it over over the weekend (and discuss it with Christian 
> Theune, as we're near to each other in rl then).

Pushing this message inside the zope community is perfect. But I don't 
see a need to communicate to outsiders that Zope 3 has become the Zope 
Toolkit. This will be confusing to outsiders. They don't have to think 
about what Zope 3 is/was. As the discussions showed even participants of 
the zope developers mailing list have slightly different views on Zope3.

We can safely market the "Zope Toolkit" with it's features and 
qualities. At the same time we should push everything related to Zope 
2|3 (maybe a bit clearer as "the Zope 2|3 Application Server") into the 
background. Insiders will find it. For outsiders we can add a warning 
that our focus is the Zope Toolkit, there are web frameworks out there 
that new developers can use, but the Zope 2/3 Application Servers are no 
longer recommended.

> If we want to do this right we need to come up with a good way to get 
> the message out. We've traditionally not been very good at this form of 
> communication, so hopefully this is also something we can do better in 
> the New Order. We might want to delay this external communication to 
> when we are in the alpha stage for the Zope Toolkit 1.0 release, however.

Communicate to outsiders what we have, not what it should have been, is 
a start. Zope Toolkit 1.0 sounds great. Whatever naming we choose, it 
will always have one precondition to succeed: a new that 
clearly communicates things with the right priority.


Btw: Somebody should change "Zope Framework" to "Zope Toolkit" on and remove the version number v3.5 from the Zope Toolkit 

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