Gary Poster wrote:
> So, again, in sum, I propose that this discussion should simply be  
> reduced to a rename to start with: Zope 3, as defined by the KGS ->  
> Zope Toolkit.  The software switch that this name change implies has  
> started quite some time ago, with the eggification, and will continue  
> in its natural and usual open-source course.

My concern with this is the implication that the Zope Toolkit is 
something you install by itself and can get started with, even as a 
newcomer. We do have a zope3-users list after all. This implication at 
least half-hearted surrounded Zope 3, even though it appears today no 
one is interested in supporting that implication.

My other concern is that the Zope Toolkit doesn't want to take on too 
much, and renaming Zope 3 to the Zope Toolkit may imply that it must 
take on a lot. I want to actively looks at reducing the Zope Toolkit's 
codebase. Perhaps that's limited to throwing out the ZMI and otherwise 
it is the wrong goal. Nonetheless I think we need a bit more aggressive 
evolution than we've had in a while, which will likely include throwing 
out packages at some point.

It's pointless to discuss which packages will disappear now, but I do 
want the Zope Toolkit to have the ability to make *choices* (while not 
blocking alternatives outside of the toolkit). We need choices as we 
only have limited resources.

This is why my suggestion is to retain the name Zope 3 for now, but just 
spread the message that it's a formulation of the Zope Toolkit with a 
focus on backwards compatibility (this seems to have the community's 
support). De-empathize Zope 3 from now on, sure. Declare the term "gone" 
(either due to a rename or due to it dying), no.



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