Hey Rob,

Rob Miller wrote:
> sure, i understand what you're saying here.  it'd be great if some set of 
> folks who are using the full Z3 app server platform decided to step up, 
> create 
> a website, refine the branding, and just generally breathe life into the 
> project.  but, until someone does, we have a weird muddled situation where 
> nobody except the people who are regulars on this mailing list has any idea 
> what is going on with this "Zope" thing.
> me, personally, i don't use the Z3 app server platform, so i'm not going to 
> be 
> one of the people who steps up to take charge of it's public face.  and, 
> frankly, i don't really care one way or the other whether or not anybody else 
> does it.  but you DO seem to care, martijn; you'd like to see that platform 
> get the love, attention, and branding that it deserves.  that's great.
> but i suggest you'd have more success in that effort if you said things like:
> "Hey, all you people out there using the Zope 3 app server thingy... you 
> realize you have a branding problem, right?  Now is a perfect time to revisit 
> your platform.  Maybe some folks should get together, come up with a catchy 
> name (Rob Miller already suggested 'Zapp'... ;-) , and build a website with 
> some documentation... whaddaya say?"
> instead of:
> "The whole idea of whatever-Zope 3-is-designated-as just being a 'larger
> KGS' strikes me as strange. Frankly it strikes me as indicative of
> what's wrong with this community."

You're right of course, I apologize for going that way. I have little 
excuse for that.

Of course you will see previous thread where I tried to talk about Zope 
3 and who wanted to maintain it where I tried the erlier bit - I mean, 
I've been trying to get that very discussion started. It just seems many 
of the regular users of Zope 3 are pretty uninterested in that topic 
(see my Zope 3 team post for an overview), though there were some people 
who are, and I should focus on them.



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