Rob Miller wrote:
> Gary Poster wrote:
>> This message seems like a reasonable start to me:  "Zope 3 has become  
>> focused on supporting frameworks and applications, rather than trying  
>> to be one itself.  It is now called the Zope Toolkit.  Parts of it are  
>> used by Zope 2, Plone, Grok, Repoze.bfg, and by many other different  
>> applications and frameworks."
> indeed, this seems to me a very nice message.  short, pretty much accurate 
> w/o 
> delving too much into the mind-numbing details.  yes, there may be some folks 
> out there using the full Z3KGS as an app server, but those are the foks that 
> already understand what's going on.  they're just another community of people 
> making good use of the Zope Toolkit.

Trying to put myself in the shoes of an outsider, I agree with Rob in 
agreeing with Gary. This is a message that makes sense. I think, 
unfortunately, there's just too much confusion in names and meaning in 
the other threads here, which makes any decision based on those names 
and meanings very, very risky.

I do realise that this derails Maritjn's focus slightly, but I don't 
think we've lost the idea that there may be value in maintaining a 
larger KGS. That shouldn't be called 'Zope 3' though, it should be 
called something else, or maybe a set of something elses, like the 'Zope 
Toolkit App Server Bundle' and the 'Zope Toolkit Management UI Bundle'. 
Or something.

> who knows, maybe the app-server-now-known-as-the-full-Z3KGS will grow in 
> popularity to the point where it decides to rebrand itself as a groovy new 
> platform.  i'd recommend the name "Zapp".  ;)

Heh, you always were good with names, Rob. ;-)


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