Hello Marius,

+1 on a KGS 3.4.1

Local overrides here:

zope.component = 3.5.1
zope.contenttype = 3.4.2
zope.i18n = 3.5.0
zope.sendmail = 3.5.0
zope.server = 3.5.0
zope.session = 3.5.2
zope.tal = 3.5.0
zope.testing = 3.7.5 #was 3.7.0 but let's try this
zope.traversing = 3.5.0a4
zope.testbrowser = 3.5 #mechanize changed the HTTPError class

zope.app.appsetup = 3.6.0
zope.app.container = 3.6.0
zope.app.form = 3.5.0
zope.app.intid = 3.5.0
zope.app.publisher = 3.5.0a4
zope.app.wsgi = 3.4.2 #fixes product config
zope.app.http = 3.4.5 #fixes IDefaultView vs. PROPFIND
lxml = 2.2.4 #or something that works on win32

I might backport a bugfix in zope.publisher r101467

zc.buildout is a tough decision, because it's "not upgrading" issue.
See http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2010-March/015794.html

What's the schedule?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 2:50:33 PM, you wrote:

MG> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 01:37:47PM +0200, Christian Theune wrote:
>> On 03/31/2010 12:35 PM, Adam GROSZER wrote:
>> >One point for the next agenda:
>> >As Marius also had the issue to do a KGS 3.4.1.

MG> Mostly I wanted to know if anybody was using the KGS in production and
MG> interested in a point release.  IRC seemed the right place for a straw
MG> poll before an email to zope-dev@, except that I had to run sooner than
MG> I thought so I didn't see how people reacted.

MG> I recently looked at the zope.release 3.4 branch and saw that it has a
MG> bunch of updated package versions since the 3.4.0 release (which was in
MG> January 2009).  I'm especially interested in setuptools 0.6c11, since
MG> the KGS currently pins to 0.6c9, which doesn't support Subversion 1.6
MG> checkouts.

MG> We use the 3.4 KGS in production with a few extra pins.  Some fix
MG> important bugs:

MG> zope.app.component = 3.4.2 # very important bugfix for BBB
MG> ZODB3 = 3.8.4              # security fixes
MG> zope.sendmail = 3.5.1      # This version handles the 5xx errors
MG> zope.security = 3.4.2      # bugfixes for Python 2.5
MG> setuptools = 0.6c11

MG> then there are the "we just want the latest tools" pins for zc.buildout
MG> and zope.testing, which I'm not proposing to push into a KGS point
MG> update (especially with the zope.testing.doctest deprecation which
MG> pushes people into using buggy stdlib's doctest).

MG> I'm also interested in a bugfix for zope.sendmail that's not done yet:
MG> currently it starts the background mail processing thread even if do
MG> things like bin/development-instance debug.  This can result in emails
MG> sent out twice.  It also doesn't let the process quit, due to changes in
MG> Python's 2.5 threading semantics (atexit handlers that are trying to
MG> stop the background thread now are postponed until after all threads
MG> terminate).  The latest zope.sendmail can avoid this mess by disabling
MG> the delivery thread and using a standalone thread-watching script, but
MG> it depends on newer core packages and is incompatible with the 3.4 KGS.

MG> The 3.4 buildbot tracks the tip of the zope.release's 3.4 branch.  All
MG> tests pass there.  I see that zope.app.component 3.4.2 and setuptools
MG> 0.6c11 are already in the (unreleased) 3.4 KGS; ZODB3 3.8.4,
MG> zope.sendmail 3.5.1 and zope.security 3.4.2 aren't.

MG> So, my plan of action is:

MG>  * fix zope.sendmail using the approach discussed on this list a few
MG>    weeks ago

MG>  * look at other possible bugfix upgrades, see if there are any
MG>    important bugs fixed (zope.release's bin/list-latest is useful here)

MG>  * bump ZODB3, zope.sendmail, zope.security versions in the 3.4 KGS, see
MG>    what buildbot things of this

MG>  * try to get a 3.4.1 release out of the door <-- this is where I'm
MG>    fuzzy.  I think I used to have ssh access to download.zope.org, but I
MG>    don't even remember how you're supposed to use zope.release's bin/upload,
MG>    and I never knew how the releases were made.

MG> Marius Gedminas

Best regards,
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