On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 01:37:47PM +0200, Christian Theune wrote:
> On 03/31/2010 12:35 PM, Adam GROSZER wrote:
> >One point for the next agenda:
> >As Marius also had the issue to do a KGS 3.4.1.

Mostly I wanted to know if anybody was using the KGS in production and
interested in a point release.  IRC seemed the right place for a straw
poll before an email to zope-dev@, except that I had to run sooner than
I thought so I didn't see how people reacted.

I recently looked at the zope.release 3.4 branch and saw that it has a
bunch of updated package versions since the 3.4.0 release (which was in
January 2009).  I'm especially interested in setuptools 0.6c11, since
the KGS currently pins to 0.6c9, which doesn't support Subversion 1.6

We use the 3.4 KGS in production with a few extra pins.  Some fix
important bugs:

zope.app.component = 3.4.2 # very important bugfix for BBB
ZODB3 = 3.8.4              # security fixes
zope.sendmail = 3.5.1      # This version handles the 5xx errors
zope.security = 3.4.2      # bugfixes for Python 2.5
setuptools = 0.6c11

then there are the "we just want the latest tools" pins for zc.buildout
and zope.testing, which I'm not proposing to push into a KGS point
update (especially with the zope.testing.doctest deprecation which
pushes people into using buggy stdlib's doctest).

I'm also interested in a bugfix for zope.sendmail that's not done yet:
currently it starts the background mail processing thread even if do
things like bin/development-instance debug.  This can result in emails
sent out twice.  It also doesn't let the process quit, due to changes in
Python's 2.5 threading semantics (atexit handlers that are trying to
stop the background thread now are postponed until after all threads
terminate).  The latest zope.sendmail can avoid this mess by disabling
the delivery thread and using a standalone thread-watching script, but
it depends on newer core packages and is incompatible with the 3.4 KGS.

The 3.4 buildbot tracks the tip of the zope.release's 3.4 branch.  All
tests pass there.  I see that zope.app.component 3.4.2 and setuptools
0.6c11 are already in the (unreleased) 3.4 KGS; ZODB3 3.8.4,
zope.sendmail 3.5.1 and zope.security 3.4.2 aren't.

So, my plan of action is:

 * fix zope.sendmail using the approach discussed on this list a few
   weeks ago

 * look at other possible bugfix upgrades, see if there are any
   important bugs fixed (zope.release's bin/list-latest is useful here)

 * bump ZODB3, zope.sendmail, zope.security versions in the 3.4 KGS, see
   what buildbot things of this

 * try to get a 3.4.1 release out of the door <-- this is where I'm
   fuzzy.  I think I used to have ssh access to download.zope.org, but I
   don't even remember how you're supposed to use zope.release's bin/upload,
   and I never knew how the releases were made.

Marius Gedminas
http://pov.lt/ -- Zope 3 consulting and development

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