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Friday, April 2, 2010, 3:02:53 PM, you wrote:

MG> On Fri, Apr 02, 2010 at 12:29:48PM +0200, Adam GROSZER wrote:
>> Hello Wichert,
>> Because of our toolchain to release and deploy apps: mypypi and
>> keas.build. In fact, because of keas.build depends on zc.buildout.
>> Friday, April 2, 2010, 10:53:26 AM, you wrote:
>> WA> On 4/2/10 10:36 , Adam GROSZER wrote:
>> >> zc.buildout is a tough decision, because it's "not upgrading" issue.
>> >> See http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2010-March/015794.html
>> WA> Why would you ever install zc.buildout systemwide? Just as with 
>> WA> setuptools I consider that to be a recipe for problems.

MG> Why not do

MG>   python2.x bootstrap.py

MG> and then use

MG>   bin/buildout

MG> instead of the globally-installed buildout?

MG> Marius Gedminas

The way you install your app with is:

$ install -u https://build.twollo.com/buildouts/ -p Twollo -V QA --latest

Where the install script comes with keas.build.
At this point nothing exists from your app on the server, not even a
.cfg or svn checkout.
This invokes "buildout -c 
https://build.twollo.com/buildouts/Twollo-QA-2.3.4.cfg -t 2...."
or something like this.
(See http://pypi.python.org/pypi/keas.build/0.1.6 for details)
That will gather all necessary packages from (your private) pypi
And that's why I would need zc.buildout installed globally.
It seems to be rather easier to do on a new server:
<install setuptools>
$ easy_install zc.buildout==<whatever version>
$ easy_install keas.build
$ install <my favourite app's install parameters>
and done

I know, doing a checkout and bin/buildout sounds easier, but there's a
lot more behind keas.build than just ``install``.

The actual problem is that zc.buildout launched by keas.build must be
the same version as pinned in the .cfg.

A long story... Maybe I just should kick zc.buildout to upgrade itself
in the above situation. That would be the best on the long run.

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