Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> I think moving to Zope 2.12 and 2.13 does have some value for Nexedi
> or other large existing codebases, as you get support for current
> versions of the ZODB, Zope Toolkit packages and support for Python 2.7
> with Zope 2.13. Since Python 2.7 is a long-term maintenance release
> for Python itself, this should provide a stable and good basis for the
> next years - the statements from the Python community aren't
> completely clear - but I'd expect to see ongoing maintenance until
> 2013 or maybe even 2015.

With the big changes you propose for Zope 2, some existing 
projects/deployments will stay stuck with Zope 2.13 (or Zope 2.X if Zope 
trunk is not released as Zope 2.14).

Long-term maintenance for Zope 2.13 would give these 
projects/deployments at least a few more years.

> Going forward I can see two paths for Zope 2. Either we don't touch it
> at all anymore and let it bitrot or we try to move it forward and
> adept it to current best practices of development. Since complete
> rewrites almost always fail, like we have seen with Zope 3 - I prefer
> changing Zope 2.


> What I'm outlining here has of course almost nothing to do with the
> original idea and scope of Zope 2. Maybe at some point this should get
> a different name ;-)

I don't want to discuss names, but I think the next release from Zope 
trunk should be explicitly a new *major* release.


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