The ZF notes from May mentioned a VCS discussion. Is this the the
latest thread or did I miss one more current for some reason?

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 3:40 PM, Alexandre Garel <alex.ga...@tarentis.com> wrote:
> Le 01/02/2012 14:21, Lennart Regebro a écrit :
> With dvcs everyone got full history of zope libs. I personally find it a big
> pro for a free software.

While Lennart later rightly says, that svn also provides a full
history, it is much slower. Even with the trac web interface that pov
thankfully provides.

Since I most often look for the history of something in SVN, I decided
to finally make a git mirror for myself to quickly find the history of
anything I might ever want.
Since its for history only, I just imported the complete SVN repo as
one git repo. So this is cannot be used as an alternative source for
mr.developer. It is really only useful for history searching.

Just for the case that somebody else might have an interest, I put it
on github. Cloning will not make your harddisk explode, but you should
have at least 750K Inodes available. A little vserver I used
initially, did not have that many inodes. My dev machine has 6M Inodes
(df -ih shows that)

Even with the full svn history, looking up the full history of some
file is superfast, with a regular hdd even. git status is something I
woudn't do again, and updating the repo from svn is quite slow.

If anybody is interested, the repo is here:


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