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On Mon, 2012-06-11 at 18:36 +0200, Patrick Gerken wrote:


> Since I most often look for the history of something in SVN, I decided
> to finally make a git mirror for myself to quickly find the history of
> anything I might ever want.
> Since its for history only, I just imported the complete SVN repo as
> one git repo. So this is cannot be used as an alternative source for
> mr.developer. It is really only useful for history searching.
> Just for the case that somebody else might have an interest, I put it
> on github. Cloning will not make your harddisk explode, but you should
> have at least 750K Inodes available. A little vserver I used
> initially, did not have that many inodes. My dev machine has 6M Inodes
> (df -ih shows that)
> Even with the full svn history, looking up the full history of some
> file is superfast, with a regular hdd even. git status is something I
> woudn't do again, and updating the repo from svn is quite slow.
> If anybody is interested, the repo is here:
> https://github.com/do3cc/zope

Thanks for taking the effort to do this. 

The fact that one can see code diffs with "git log -p" is for me a
killer feature.

Do you also sync the git repo with new changes from the svn repo?


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