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I think Jens is right to point out the legal concerns, which many of us don't fully understand. I think it might have been more effective had it pointed out why people should care, rather than just saying "this is the rule".


it seems to me the ZF should consider having a lawyer check the legal implications of dealing with github instead of just stating again and again that the situation is not clear (and therefore they cannot do anything). as it looks the 1.6.1 release has already been made from github, and under the ZPL. if i understand jens correctly this shouldn't even be possible…

IIUC Jens' valid concern is that non-contributors have contributed to "the work", making legal ownership unclear. Reverting my commit won't fix this (or at least I don't understand fully how or why reverting my commit offers us any legal protection, which seems to be the concern). IMHO we need to get Domen Kožar to sign the contributor agreement, and finish the discussion on the "code ownership" list about how to move forward.


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