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There are lots of very famous os projects hostet on github - which -
without any doubt raises the reputation of github itself.

ah, the common cold defence: everyone has it so it must be good.
no, just a manner of chance.

and even if, git is not proprietary.

Git is the tool and not the service.
 i doubt that github i willing to get into the doghouse by doing
really nasty things - and thus getting into risk of loosing projects.

This is pure speculation, or are you privy to board decisions at Github.
see above, git is not proprietary. nobody is trapped inside github at all if nasty things happen.

Changes to the T&C's that substantially affect this can happen at any time.

 lots of you also use gmail, g+ or other stuff, where i have more
concerns about abuse than at github...

This irrelevant in the context of ownership and copyright.
you came up with concerns against VC's. So in which context was this meant then?

Without wanting to start a diatribe against VC's: the key term was "beholden to". VC's are understandably interested in a quick and substantial return on their investment and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. They are not philanthropists and ownership is a key lever for them. This is a fundamentally different proposition to paying for a service from a company or setting up an organisation to do it yourself. There is no free lunch.

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