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> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:28 AM,  <j...@nexedi.com> wrote:
>> This approach protects from:
>> - legal risks posed by github
> Such as?

I'll let Jean-Paul elaborate, but I suppose it could be something
along the lines of GitHub suddenly disappearing with (some of) your
content (code, forum posts, metadata like group associations) or
making some other unwanted use of it, and you having no legal recourse
because of some small print in some EULA somewhere that someone didn't
bother to fully read.

>> - instabilities due to ever changing fashion in code hosting (sourceforce 
>> then google code then bitbucket then github then etc.)
> Sure. At the cost of a lot of extra complexity, that is.
>> - destruction, traceability or security issues posed by cloud infrastructure 
>> not controlled by ZF (logs, bugs,  forums, not only code)
> What would these be.


The point is not that these can't happen to ZF repos, but that ZF
would have no recourse to fix the issue except to wait on GitHub to
act on it.

>> This approach enforces:
>> - freedom for fashion victims to follow latest fashions
> Making it easy to contribute is not a fashion but a fundamental part
> of how good open source works.

Yes, and both you and I are around long enough to remember when
SourceForge w/ SVN was the easiest way to get others to contribute,
which is why Plone originally selected it. Now it's GitHub and git.

By fashion JP doesn't meant to say that the selection was frivolous,
but that the same criteria can lead to selection of different
tools/services at different points in time.

In any case, this discussion seems to be converging, which is
excellent. It is also one of those discussions that could be solved in
less than an hour by folks talking over beverage, but takes a ton of
attention bandwidth and time when discussed over e-mail.

So I'd like to reinforce Vincent Pelletier's invitation to the Zope4
sprint that is going to be hosted in Lille next week[1] for which both
Jens Vagelpohl and Laurence Rowe have confirmed their presence.

[1] http://www.erp5.org/Zope4Sprint2012

I'm sure we can hash out a solution that works for everybody in a very
short amount of time.


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