> Whoever you decide to nag, I think the three of us can hammer this out.

Excellent. By the way, are you a Zope Foundation member in any way? I'm
not sure whether it matters at this stage, just checking.

Nope.  Is there an organizational membership option? ;)

>> * A plan of action worked out between the three of you. I basically need
>> to know what needs to be done bureaucratically from the side of Zope
>> Corporation and the Foundation to get this arranged. I'll leave the
>> actual work to you all - I intend to only be there when stuff needs to
>> be expedited somehow.
> Okay.  We will need:
>  * A copy of the existing zope.org zone files
>  * Cooperation from [EMAIL PROTECTED] to change the NS record pointers
>  * A list of people who need access in ZoneEdit

I will contact Rob and try to get the ball rolling. I'll pass it back to
you guys as soon as possible.

Mille Grazie.

Justizin, Independent Interactivity Architect
ACM SIGGRAPH SysMgr, Reporter
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