On 5/17/05, Maik Röder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> How do you plan to make sure that people don't get the impression that
> this is a Nuxeo project?

There is no way we can make sure that people don't misunderstand this.
We can only try to avoid it.

> How do you make sure that people don't get the impression that the
> project is not in neutral hands? Do you plan to create dome kind
> of neutral foundation?

I don't think that is necessary, at least not at the moment. If the
project needs to have people employed, then yes, a foundation would be
a good idea.

> How do you make sure that people don't fear that one company practically
> controls the code, making it a caricature of Open Source?

It is impossible for one company to control the source, because it's
open source. You will at any time be able to download the source and
do whatever you will with it. What we need to avoid is to avoid that
one company controls the write access to the source code. This is
already being taken care of. Again, this is not a Nuxeo project, there
are many more people involved than Nuxeo people in this.

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