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Jim Fulton wrote:
> Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> Hi Jim
>> I like to work on the activity based wfmc workflow.
>> Can I help you with the UI work. Do you need some views or something
>> else for adding workflow definition or instances? Or is there allready
>> somthing where I didn't see?
> I'm not working on a general purpose UI for this.  I have a UI
> for it that is part of one of our products.  :)
> To some degree, I think interesting workflow UI's are largely
> application specific.  If you want to work on a more generic UI
> you might contribute to the Z3ECM project or work with Stephan.

I agree we don't need a  workflow UI on the Zope3 core for the zope.wfmc
component. The zope.wfmc component should act as a Python wfmc process
interpretor only.

Roger, we'll certainly need UI for the Zope3 / ECM project [1]_

.. _[1] http://svn.nuxeo.org/trac/pub/browser/z3lab/ecmworkflow/

*but* since we are implementing a wfmc standard the UI doesn't need to
be in Zope. Workflow editors exist :

check http://jawe.objectweb.org

I think it's a bad idea thinking about Zope persistent definitions at
this stage. I'd rather work with xpdl files, read them on runtime and
put them in a *non* persistent XPDL definitions registry. The rest can
be managed with Jawe for instance.
We are already thinking about an eclipse app wich could be a little bit
simplier than Jawe for end-users on the long term.



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