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Benji York wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

I'd liek to hear why testbrowser requires Python 2.4.

I haven't tried it on 2.3 yet, but the main thing is the use of
decorator syntax.  Obviously that wouldn't be hard to back port, if a bit

If we decide we want to continue supporting Python 2.3, then I'd want
to try to make testbrowser (and formlib) work with 2.3.  We haven't
decided that we need to support 2.3. We need to decide and we need to
take the Zope project as a whole into account.

Personally I'd like 3.2 to require 2.4, but admit that most people (Zope
2 users especially) might prefer we not force that requirement on them.

I support 3.2 with 2.4 as well. Just for being able to play with new
Python stuffs :)

You can certainly do that in your projects without making
Zope itself require 2.4.

> And is it that complicated to have Zope2.9 working with
2.4 ?

The problem is that Zope 2's security protection system works
by recompiling Python scripts to insert security checks.
This system has to be reviewed in detail for any change
in the language, which tests to happen for each Python
feature release.

I'm working on a proposal to change Zope 2's security
system in 2.9, but that will likely be a big job. Short of that,
someone would need to do a security review of 2.4.

> (because 3.2 will likely be shipped with 2.9 right ?)



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