When trying to determine a plug point for some functionality we were contemplating, Fred Drake and I were surprised to see that zope.app.publication.httpfactory.HTTPPublicationRequestFactory allowed for specifying the SOAP request factory, but not any of the other request factories (HTTPRequest, BrowserRequest, XMLRPCRequest). This smells like an oversight/bug. I'd like to fix this for 3.1.

The fix should be fairly innocuous--follow the same pattern as the soap request factory, but default to the standard request factories (I could not do any default and just require the factory registration, but that seems too big of a change for this stage of 3.1: """zapi.queryUtility(IBrowserRequest, BrowserRequest)""" feels to be a much gentler change).

Does anyone object?  If so, do you object for 3.1, or generally?

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