On Friday 05 August 2005 09:46, Benji York wrote:
> > By my estimations(i hope i'm not wrong :) C version gives ~20-26% speed
> > up for different methods.
> Running the functional tests for a Zope 3 based systems with 434 tests
> yielded (best of 3) a time of 1:12.51 for the trunk and 1:12.32 for the
> branch.  That's about a 0.25 percent improvement.

That's a bad argument. Several projects only use zope.interface and its 
adapter registry (for example twisted). For them a 20-26% improvement for the 
adapter lookup would be significant. Just because other parts of Zope 3 are 
even slower and use more time than the adapter lookup, it does not have to 
mean that this is a bad/insufficient improvement.

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