Hi guys,

it's funny that you were setting up a builbot at the same time as me for CPS (which is Zope2-based):


I'm sorry that I can't provide slaves for Zope3, because we already have a shortage of slaves for CPS.

Also: I'm only testing on Linux (Debian and Mandriva) right now, and I don't know how to start on Windows.

I'm willing to share information with you guys, like the config file for buildbot.

I also expect to add tests for z3lab/z3ecm (= Zope3-based products) developments in the near future.



Benji York wrote:
As a result of the sprint last week, we now have a BuildBot master running (http://buildbot.zope.org/) and are ready to take willing slaves (that is the BuildBot terminology, don't blame me :).

All you have to do is let us know what version(s) of Zope 3 (trunk/branch) you are willing to test and what version(s) of Python you want to test against; install BuildBot (http://buildbot.sf.net); and connect to the master.

After a few people have stated an interest I'll put together a getting started document, so don't worry about the details right now (of course I/Fred will be willing to answer specific questions if anyone has any).

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