On Saturday 15 October 2005 15:48, Gary Poster wrote:
> I also really wish we could agree on a subview-addressing story (for  
> AJAX) and a drag-and-drop story.  We have experience with our drag  
> and drop story, and are proposing a new AJAX story for subviews.  The  
> subview package only sets up some small foundations so that these can  
> work.

This is the reason we have not fully explored implementing portlets yet. I 
think those type of features are only interesting in very dynamic, CMS-like 
applications. For example, currently I do not need any of this for 

> The persistence use cases are real and important, and I'd like to  
> agree on them, but
> - we're still having internal discussions about the right way to do it,
> - it's intended to be an optional part of the subview capabilities, and
> - it doesn't appear to be pertinent to the viewlet or contentprovider  
> approaches.

I really think that sub-views need to be adapters and their state should be 
stored using a well-defined API. More than that I cannot say, because I have 
not thought about it. :-)

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