Julien Anguenot wrote:
> And what about the acceptance of Zope3 *outside* the Zope community ?
> Zope3 will look like more complicated and confusing doing a merge.

Why? The 'zope' namespace package is what Zope 3 is known as to outsiders and 
this will
not be affected.

> I understand your motivations Philipp. I just think this is too early.

Aha, it's at least good to hear that you don't condemn the idea itself. I too 
whether it's too early or not. I think it's exactly the right time, as Zope 2 is
embracing lots more Zope 3 technology.

> When Zope2 will look like a Zope3 'configuration' then maybe it could be
> of interest.

Getting there is the hard part. This proposal is about easing that.

> I still believe Zope2 developers will come on Zope3 pretty easily.

I think Martin Aspeli is not the only one who still has no clue on how to move 
beyond a certain Fivization of his Zope 2 products. If you do, then that's 
great, but I
don't think everyone is in that fortunate situation.

> > Zope 2's architecture might be shitty, but its
> > community is bigger, don't forget that.
> I never said shitty. Take it easy on the interpretation.

Yes, yes. You know how to interpret "shitty" very well... old, worn-out, 
inflated, etc...
Seriously, when everyone gives gigakudos to Florent and offers him 10 gallons 
of beer for
looking through Zope 2 security code, I think at least the maintainability of 
some of the
Zope 2 code is shitty, or at least perceived to be shitty.

> I still believe your proposal would be a mistake at this point for Zope3.

So it's not a matter *if* but *when*. We're already one step further. I 
personally take on
Martijn's suggestion and vote for after 2.8/3.2 is out. Why? Because some 
including me, have some major proposals for zope3ifying Zope 2 in the 
top-drawer of their
desk, most of which would happen in 2.10 I presume.


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