--On 8. Dezember 2005 11:47:10 -0500 Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Yep. Nobody has complained to us about this yet. I personally do not use
ZEO,  so I could not fix the issue anyways.

If twisted and ZEO are incompatible, then twisted needs *never* to be
the default;  ZEO is an essential part of Zope's "real world" story.  I
can't imagine even  *developing* without ZEO, much less deploying
applications in production.

This raises the question about what projects are important and what are the risks. Replacing the publisher appears to me like "nice-to-have" project but it does not appear so important to me. I would prefer to get e.g. the ZPT implementation from Z3 into Z2. This would resolve hopefully most of the current annoyances with ZPT in Z2.


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