On Tuesday 24 January 2006 11:29, Fred Drake wrote:
> > >> However, I think one namespace for ZCML is enough.
> Are you sure?
> Perhaps it's reasonable to use a single namespace for all the ZCML
> directives defined as part of the Zope 3 release.  What about
> third-party directives?  Are you saying we don't need to worry about
> introducing names that conflict with third-party names we don't know
> about?
> That sounds short-sighted to me.  We've certainly defined several
> directives here at ZC, and I'd hate to have to push them all into Zope
> 3 itself just to ensure we don't end up with name conflicts in the
> future.

+1. I agree with Fred.

Also, I am refraining from commenting on this thread most of the time and wait 
for a real proposal to comment on.

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