Sidnei da Silva wrote:

I'm refactoring a application developed for Zope 3.0, and in the
proccess of doing that, one of the things I wanted to do is to remove
some hardcoded xslt pipeline and instead use a WSGI 'middleware' or


So.. I was planning to use paste.deploy to put this together. However
it seems like currently I would have to define a different IServerType
utility just to hook up a different WSGI application up to Zope 3.

Has anyone put some thought about how to do this?

A little.

> Ideally, I would
like to see the WSGI application to be used to be given as a parameter
to the <server> directive of zope.conf, maybe that does deserve a new
<wsgi-server> directive.

Any thoughts?

I think that the way the server and app are integrated needs to be rethought.

I think we need to look at how to leverage Paste Deploy in Zope.

I hate to mention this with all of the discussion about ZConfig, but we should
probably consider using PasteDeploy as an alternative to ZConfig. (Jim ducks.)
Alternative, we should redo the Zope 3 ZConfig schema to work with the Paste 
APIs. Obviously, if we do the later, I'd prefer to do so after we've decided how
we're going to reimplement ZConfig.

In the short term, you might try teasing out the app and server from Zope
and see if you could wire them up with Paste Deploy.


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