Jeff Shell wrote:
Personally, I think that the ZODB is a terrific asset that has
achieved a greater level of usability in Zope 3. At least, it has for
us,  now that we're no longer confused about whether the ZODB should
house our persistent objects, or if it should house our icons and
scripts and code and the RDBMS should be the store. I wouldn't want to
downplay this advantage.

No, we're still confused. Templates and scripts are code. Should they be in ZODB? Grrr, I hope not. I don't want to suffer that pain, fssync or no fssync. I invented the CMF skins tool primarily to pull a lot of templates and scripts out of ZODB. I invented Ape to pull them *all* out. Now I'm having trouble convincing myself to use Zope 3 because the problem has to be solved somehow yet again!

I first thought fssync might solve the problem, but now I feel like it adds unnecessary complexity, similar to Ape. External Editor is also a good idea, but it exposes only a single file at a time. The web root idea is another possible solution. I'm sure there are others (such as an NFS view into ZODB, which I also did once!) Let's keep thinking for now.

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