On 3/1/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What's your point? That we shouldn't plan?  That we shouldn't
> have a common vision for where we're going, or communicate that
> vision?

Well, not neccesarily. Things change, and the plan for the future has
not always been the same. The important part is that we work in the
same direction.

I think this discusson has been fruitful, and useful, but we don't
need to get consensus on a plan yet, because no matter what the plan
is, the next few steps are the same: Make Zope2+Five use more and more
Zope3 technologies, making the transition smaller. That plan is good
at least until July, and probably until december.

Commiting to a vision too soon may mean we have to change the vision,
which as we have seen, is not an easy communication task to do.

So I suggest we commit to the vision of making Zope2 and Zope3 more
similar, for the moment, and continue discussing the future for while
more, before we commit to a proper vision. The vision we have now may
be fluffy and slightly different,  but at least we are not pulling in
different directions, and that means it's not too fluffy, yet.

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