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> I think currently Zope 3 would end up a little bit better than J2EE, but not
> much.

I think it would be better than that. To do "Hello World" you need to define a
<browser:page for="*" template="thetempate.pt" permission="zope.View" />

One "situp", no code except for the template.

The second one requires you to define up the interfaces, make classes
for it and add add forms and edit forms.

Not good, but WAY ahead of J2EE.

> I also think that the priorities the narrator sets are real ones
> representing a lot of people. So let's discuss this movie a little bit and
> see how we could do well in his evaluation.

Well, what I would like to see first is XForms based schemas/views, so
you can use a WYSIWYG editor for that stuff. But the second and most
important step here is to move these XForms in to the web, so you can
do it TTW, but with the possibility to export it to disk when you want

But a TTW class editor with XForms and workflow, all nice an wysiwygy
and you could make that application in Zope3 in 3 minutes. AND you
could export it to a disk product if you need to write python code,
and still use wysiwyg editors for the forms and the workflow.

We are not that far off. Really.

And a note to the people trying to make this a question about TTW. The
product that did best was plone+archetypes, and that was not TTW. CPS
has the possibility to do what he wants almost totally TTW with it's
typemaker, but it would not have gained any extra points, I think,
because that was not his point. He wants rapid turnarunds, which TTW
can help with, but reloading of templates, schemas and workflows from
disk takes you 90% there.

And, Zope3 still has security and i18n for free. ;-)
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