Shane Hathaway wrote:
It is a beautiful story and I dearly want it to work. But the story currently has major limitations; developers reach a point where they have to make a big switch, learn numerous libraries, and rewrite a lot of their code. How can we fix that?

Part of the problem is that Zope 3 makes too great a distinction between developers and scripters. Successful scripters become developers, and developers often act as scripters. I think the use cases need to see scripters and developers as the same people. The other Python web frameworks seem to be oriented this way and they've had a lot of success.

Yikes, I'm about to disagree with Shane [gulp]. And on a point where ChrisM agrees with you.

At this URL (from Jonah's blog post):

...Dan, the co-creator of VisiCalc, argues an interesting point:

  [after discussing programming as imperative statements,
  debugging, testing, etc.

  The question really isn't "Why Johnny can't program" but
  rather "Why Johnny won't or doesn't choose to program".

I still don't think scripters and developers are the same people. I won't repeat Dan's arguments here, but I think his essay is a valuable read for understanding an audience that isn't like most zope3-dev people.

I won't belabor the point, as I realize that at least half the folks here aren't necessarily against the idea, they're against the mechanical problems and the "who's gonna implement it" reality.


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